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Victoria Dock

Victoria Dock

Above The Brine is on Victoria Dock.

We love the history behind this 200 year old boatyard and the dock. Inspired by Mrs. Ellen Edwards, we draw our name from this poem, written for her on her passing:

Distaw weryd Mrs. Edwards dirion
A gywir gerir, gwraig o ragorion.
Athrawes oedd i luoedd o lewion,
Y rhai uwch heli wnânt eu gorchwylion.
Urddas gaed trwy addysg hon. - Ni phaid llu
Môr ei mawrygu tra murmur eigion.

translation is...

The silent earth of gentle Mrs. Edwards is
truly loved, a woman of excellence.
She was a teacher to a multitude of brave souls
who attended to their duties above the brine.
Their dignity gained through her teaching - Seafarers will not cease to praise her whilst ocean murmurs can be heard.

But who is Ellen Edwards?

Ellen Edwards - Victoria Dock

Mrs. Edwards was the founder and teacher of a highly successful navigation school in the bustling port of Caernarfon in the 1800s. Training over 1000 mariners, she has been deemed “The most successful seamen’s teacher in North Wales for the long period of 60 years.”

She was renowned for her brilliance and teaching skills; and despite being the target of a smear campaign in 1847 (check out the ‘Brad y Llyfrau Gleision,' or 'Treachery of the Blue Books'), as many as 30 graduates a year from her school went on to pass the Marine Board examinations.

Ellen taught until she turned 70 and passed in her Caernarfon home at 79. Ellen’s daughter, Ellen Francis, succeeded her mother in operating the school.

Next time you are at Doc Fictoria look for her memorial plaque and of course, drop in to see us at Above the Brine!

victoria dock photo
victoria dock photo

The Victoria Dock is situated in the historical Castle town of Caernarfon at the Southern end of the Menai Strait. Operated by the Caernarfon Harbour Trust, the marina is within walking distance to the town centre, shopping, restaurants and the iconic Caernarfon Castle. Access is via a tide gate. Click here for tide gate opening times.


  • Visitors Berths for up to 45 visiting vessels
  • Toilets and showers
  • Diesel
  • Free WiFi
  • Webcams
  • Recycling
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